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John Clowes - Garden Design

House and Garden

Let me provide you with a design to meet your requirements.

  • A full time garden designer since 1994
  • An enthusiastic gardener with a wide knowledge and appreciation of plants
  • A listener who will translate your dreams into a realistic garden design
  • In contact with experienced contractors who can turn the design into reality
I live in an old farm house in Holmes Chapel with a garden available to clients to see mature plants and examples of hard landscaping which might be used in their project.

For more information visit my website

Croco Brook Farm, Chester Road  Holmes Chapel,
Cheshire, CW4 7DR       Tel: 01477 532266

Grasses and paving
A large fountain
Mixed planting
Grasses and paving        
A Large Fountain
Mixed Planting
A sloping site
A Sloping Site
Straight lines
Straight Lines

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