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Making the flow pattern Continuing in the rain
Clive starts chipping out the pattern in the render – a slow and delicate job.
Making progress on a cooler day – we were glad of a little rain.
Not really a garden, yet!
Laying paving
Later on the plants begin to arrive. Only three days left and it hardly looks like a garden! The paving is being laid as the team gets restless – when can we start planting?
Ferns are going in
Will it be finished on time?
At last the tree ferns can go in but take care as the paving mortar has not set yet! Saturday afternoon and still looks like a bomb site. All the other gardens seem to be progressing faster than ours but no panic yet.
Planting in the sun
Serious planting begins The sun is out and the plants begin to be positioned.

Discussions continue about the planting with Bill,  Anne and Diana.

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